Freedom minecraft server

There are no complicated rules. Why do not you enjoy fun and free Minecraft?
Please join us on a multiplayer server where you can pursue the survival of Minecraft.

Latest posts

  • 03/20 Maintenance notification
    We will perform maintenance on the following schedule. Scheduled maintenance time 2020/03/20 0:00~18:00 ※During maintenance, access to the network will be unstable, and it will be periodically disconnected or impossible to access.※Scheduled maintenance time may change. Questions about this maintenance are accepted on the official Discord server. In addition, the latest information on maintenance is … Read more
  • Notice about compensation for all players
    Fixed issue where in-game currency for all players was not saved. However, calculating, reviewing, and returning the losses for all users can be very time consuming and labor intensive.Therefore, we decided to make uniform compensation for all players. All players who log in by 16:00 on March 02, 2020 at the next login will receive … Read more
  • Notification of some data resets
    Found a problem in the new economic system Due to this problem, some user data in the database was not registered properly and caused some problems. This resets some economic data for all users. The reset data is as follows. Mining levelBuilding levelFarming levelHunting levelCrafting levelFishing level

Server information

Server Address
Port 25565(Default port)
Version Minecraft:Java Edition 1.8.x – 1.15.x